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Mortgage Benefits

Mortgage Benefits

  • With mortgage finance, households are allowed to:
  • 1- Moving to new residential unit as soon as the mortgage is obtained.
  • 2- Obtaining a mortgage loan up to 90% of unit value.
  • 3- Paying specific monthly installments throughout the mortgage loan period.
  • 4- Repayment over the longest possible period up to 20 years, which is not available in any other traditional financing methods.
  • 5- Choose any unit, anywhere in Egypt or from the units available from the Fund.
  • 6- Benefiting from expedited payment for unit owner.
  • 7- Owning a residential unit through paying monthly installment that is close to rental value.
  • 8- Expedited payment of all or part of the available mortgage finance amount at any time in exchange for the expedited payment fees in accordance with the terms of lender and the fund.

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