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Fund Vision and Mission

Fund Vision and Mission



Achieving a Global Leading Model to Provide Governmental Social Housing to Ensure Adequate and Affordable Housing Units to Improve Housing Conditions for Citizens.



The Fund seeks to establish a social safety net to support low-income families, deliver housing units for all citizens in line with their capabilities and in accordance with international standards, develop integrated residential communities for low and middle income citizens, subsidize mortgage finance activity, to achieve social justice, improve performance and workflow mechanisms to ensure sustainability and continuity of the program.



  • sustainability of the program using Mortgage Finance Mechanism to achieve financial inclusion.
  • Levitation citizens’ affordability through providing direct and indirect subsidy.
  • Ensuring Subsidy Delivery to Eligible Applicants and monitoring units’ occupancy rate.
  • Contracting with Private Sector Developers to Expanding Real Estate Investment in Social Housing Projects.
  • Providing Social Housing Units According to UN Standards in All Egyptian Governorates.

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